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Mata Ortiz Gallery V

Tavo Silveira
8½" Tall  19" Circ.
Mata Ortiz

Sabino Villaba
8" Tall  12" Long
Mata Ortiz

Nicolas Ortiz
8 " Tall 22" Circ.
Mata Ortiz 

Tomas Quintana
7½" Tall 3"Wide
Mata Ortiz 

Lupita Quezada
5" Tall 12"Circ.
Mata Ortiz

Elvira Bugarini
5½" Tall 12" Circ.
Mata Ortiz

Enrique Pedregon
8 " Tall 18"Circ.
Mata Ortiz 

Elias Peña
4" Tall 6" Diameter.
Mata Ortiz

Daniel Gallegos
6½" Tall 14" Circ.
Mata Ortiz



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