Mata Ortiz Pottery

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Mata Ortiz Gallery VIII

Cesar Dominguez
10" Tall 24" Circ.
Mata Ortiz 

Susy Martinez
11" Tall 20"Circ.
Mata Ortiz

Efrain Lucero Jr
" Tall 20"Circ..
Mata Ortiz

Cesar Navarrete
9" Tall 21" Circ.
Mata Ortiz

Jerardo Tena
3" Tall 5" Long

Mata Ortiz

 Carla Martinez
3" Tall 8" Circ.
             Mata Ortiz

Rodrigo Perez
 5" Tall 15"
 Mata Ortiz

Guadalupe Ledezma
" Tall 14"Circ.
Mata Ortiz

Jose Martinez
3" Tall 14"Circ.
Mata Ortiz

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