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Running time 27 minutes.

The Best Video About Mata Ortiz Pottery!!

Produced by Bill Gilbert, associate professor of art at the University of New Mexico.  

"In this video you go on the road to visit Mata Ortiz and meet many of the artists as they describe in their own words, their relationship to the ancient Casas Grandes work, demonstrate the pottery process and discuss their personal styles."  
                                                                              Bill Gilbert

"Rich, beautiful and informative, it focuses on how pottery making spread out from Juan Quezada to the rest of the village and how different families developed their own recognizable styles." 
Spencer MacCallum

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          Featured artists include:         Juan Quezada,   Nicolas Quezada,   Lydia Quezada,   Reynaldo Quezada,   Macario,   Eduardo &   Nicolas Ortiz,   Hector  & Graciela Gallegos,   Roberto Banuelos,    Humberto & Blanca Ponce, Cesar & Gabriela Dominguez,   Damian Quezada,   Eli Navarrete,    Leonel Lopez Saenz,    Martin Cota,    Manuel Rodriguez Guillen,    Andres Villalba.


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